Uses of ether

Ethers are basically groups of ROR type of bonding. Where the R could be alkyl or the aryl groups respectively. The ethers could be of two types. The main two types of ethers are symmetrical and asymmetrical. The ethers as such do not have any nomenclature name. The nomenclature of ethers very from the type of alkyl or aryl group attached to the compound. The smaller alkyl the group is always termed as the alkoxy groups. The ethers are named with di if the groups around the oxygen atom are the same. The oxygen atom is attached with two alkyl groups, as a result, the ethers act as an electron donating group. Also, the ethers readily react with the alkyl halides. This is because of the high electron density cloud of ethers. Hence, the ethers show a nucleophilic substitution reaction. Also, some of the reactions of ether undergo cleavage of the CO bond in ether.

There are a lot of uses of ethers in the industrial world. The ethers are highly volatile, hence they could easily evaporate into the air. Also, along with being very volatile and light, the ether could light very easily. Hence in very cold regions where it becomes difficult for the diesel and petrol vehicles to start. Hence, in order to make the engine start, we make use of either as it is easily flammable at even lower temperature.

One of the uses of ethers also includes, it being used in refrigeration. Hence many refrigeration industries make use of ethers in large the amount. The ethers so easily get evaporated and lights upon coming in contact with light and air. As a result, the ethers are stored in brown bottles to avoid direct contact with air and sunlight.

The ethers are also used in the medical profession. The ethers are very volatile hence it plays an important role. The doctors are giving the injections to make use of ether. The doctors dip the cotton in ether and then wipe the area at which the injection is to be given. Thus, the ether evaporates when applied on the skin. This helps in disinfecting the place of applying injection.

Diethyl ether is used as an anaesthetic by doctors. An anaesthetic is used by physicians and surgeons to put the patient asleep by sedation. After discovering the fact that diethyl ethers have sedation properties, it was used by several surgeons and physicians. But, when it was known that the ether is flammable, the doctors started using the alternative for that for the safety purpose of the patient.



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