Vlookup Exact Match

In this tutorial page we tend to show the way to use the excel Vlookup function once you want a precise match to the lookup price.

Excel Vlookup function is used to ‘look up’ the number of pay owed to every member of a sales team throughout the previous week.

As shown below, the worker hourly rates of pay are keep in one workbook, and a listing of hours worked throughout the previous week, are keep during a second program.

 Hourly Pay:

 Sales Team Hours Worked:

In order to complete the “Sales Team Hours” workbook, so it shows the pay owed to every sales team member, you initially ought to ‘look up’ every person’s rate of pay from the “Hourly Pay” workbook.

In the workbook below, cells C2-C4 of the “Sales Team Hours” workbook are updated with the Vlookup function, that appearance up the hourly pay rates for every of the sales team members.

 Sales Team Hours Worked with Vlookup Functions:

The results of those Vlookup functions are shown within the workbook below. Obviously, every team member’s hourly rate of pay has been inserted into the corresponding cell in column C.


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