Wattless current


Wattless current is a current which is mainly referred to as an AC current which contains only capacitor or inductor having zero power dissipation even though the current is flowing through it. In other words when current is flowing and there is no loss of power and when a pure inductor or pure capacitor is connected to AC circuit this is known as wattles current. This consists of reactive component and that reactive component is the algebraic sum of the inductive and capacitive reactance as both of them impede the flow of AC current. The resistive components do two things first it converts power into heat although then it is wasted and secondly it stores power in a magnetic field and that is how no power is wasted at all and it is also known as wattles current.

What are the important points of wattless current?

Wattless current consists of several points which make it more useful and helpful to understand as transformers do not operate on direct current but it operates on the alternating voltage at the input as well as output another point is transformers does not generally amplify powers as vacuum tube as it is a device based on mutual induction which converts magnetic energy into electric energy. In general, efficiency ranges from seventy percent to ninety percent as a choke coil is a pure inductor and average power consumed per cycle is zero in a choke coil. These are used when there is no loop in the flow of current from one end to another and this one end can be an inductor, capacitor or resistor or another end which also consists of the trio of capacitor, inductor or resistor. It plays a very important part in uplifting the coil and making sure that the good of current is passing through the circuit and the reactance is not so damaged by this process.

What is watt?

Watt is mainly a unit of power and defined as a derived unit of one joule per second and it is used to qualify the rate of energy transfer. There are huge differences between watt and watt-hours as both term power and energy are confusing as power is the rate at which energy is consumed or generated and that is measured in watts. Along with these two terms are also added namely megawatts and gigawatts and both of them work in the field of energy and power both of them are different but relatable and consist of a main part of the wattless current.


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